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About Jenny V


At fifty years old, I needed a change in my life. I had tried about everything I could think of to get where I wanted to be, which was fit and healthy. It was time to do something different. Veganism was something I had contemplated for a long time, but I didn’t think I could do it. I was afraid I would miss out on something, like cookouts, or seafood or anything that I thought I couldn’t live without.

On October eighth of twenty eighteen and my fifty-first birthday, I made up my mind to go vegan. My biggest hurdle was to stop all meat consumption, period. Mission accomplished. Next, learn about animal by-products and what not to eat. I must admit, I’m still learning. I started out with the processed vegan foods, I can’t explain the excitement I felt each time I discovered a new product, then quickly moved on to whole foods. You-Tube helped me out a lot with knowing what to buy when grocery shopping and meal prepping. It is not only about what we eat, but what we wear, how we live and the choices we make each day.  

Here I am today going seven months strong and still pushing on. I won’t lie, it’s some work, but I am always up for a challenge. This has been a physical, mental, and emotional journey for me. Vegan is a lifestyle and once you change your mentality, it can be done. For anyone looking to transition to this lifestyle, I hope to be a guide. I hope that through my experiences, you can get a glimpse into what it means to live vegan. Now don’t get me wrong, just like any and everyone else, I miss certain foods from time to time. However, veganism is a commitment. It is a well rewarding decision that I wouldn’t go back and change for anything. The challenges I face and overcome every day makes it all worthwhile.

 So, with that said, I hope you join the movement and walk with me on my journey. By exercising my choice and facing my truth, I can’t go wrong with going vegan. At the end of the day, it is always all about that V life.







Weight management



Good Health

Save the animals

Help the environment

BMI 23.8

Reduced risk of heart and other diseases

Feel better

Look better

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